Accepted Publications - 2020

The following research papers have been selected and were presented at the 2020 Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology (Virtual Conference).

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Technology Track

Topic Author(s)
Proposal for a Comprehensive (Crypto) Asset Taxonomy Thomas Ankenbrand, Denis Bieri, Roland Cortivo, Johannes Hoehener, Thomas Hardjono
Short Paper: On the Confidentiality of Amounts in Grin Suyash Bagad, Saravanan Vijayakumaran
Legally binding anonymous multiparty commitments on a blockchain Debasish Ray Chawdhuri
Autonomous Economic Agents as a Second Layer Technology for Blockchains: Framework Introduction and Use-case Demonstration David Minarsch, Ali Hosseini, Marco Favorito, Jonathan Ward
The Decentralized Financial Crisis Lewis Gudgeon, Daniel Perez, Dominik Harz, Benjamin Livshits, Arthur Gervais
Nym Credentials: Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Identity with Blockchains Harry Halpin
Prism Removes Consensus Bottleneck for Smart Contracts Gerui Wang, Shuo Wang, Vivek Bagaria, David Tse, Pramod Viswanath
Transaction Pricing for Maximizing Throughput in a Sharded Blockchain Ledger James Riehl, Jonathan Ward