2018 Crypto Valley Conference

on Blockchain Technology

In Collaboration With
IEEE Switzerland
20-22 June 2018
Zug, Switzerland

About the Conference

Business meets Research & Innovation

The purpose of the Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology (CVCBT) 2018 is to bring together leading researchers, entrepreneurs, startups and established companies from all over the world to share and discuss state of the art advances and developments in the Blockchain Technology ecosystem.

What does the conference offer?
  1. Wide coverage of topics ranging from Fin-, Health-, Med- & InsurTech up to Crypto, Energy and IoT
  2. Panel discussions and keynote presentations on the state and future of Blockchain Technology, the business models and regulation challenge
  3. Real-life application examples for Blockchain Adopters
  4. Technology and business model showcases, applications and interactive workshops
  5. Live pitching sessions with innovative startups

Leading Researchers & Top Publications

The emergence of Bitcoin, decentralized cryptocurrencies and its blockchain have allowed for entities to trade and interact without a central trusted third party. This has led to a captivating research activity in multiple domains, across different venues, such as top security, distributed systems conferences, journals as well as a vibrant startup rush on this new technology.

Our international program chair holds leading researchers from various renowned Universities and Colleges. These experts form the backbone of the Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology, ensuring that only the best publications are selected and presented to the audience. All papers will be published in the CVCBT-2018 conference proceedings and included in IEEE Xplore (pending approval). Best Paper, Best Application and Best Presentation awards to authors whose work represents groundbreaking research.

The conference is organized in collaboration with IEEE Switzerland

The Formula for Successful Innovation

The business environment of Crypto Valley is truly special - mirroring the unique cooperative nature of Switzerland itself. Investors, startups, and corporations mix and collaborate on multiple levels resulting in a level of innovation and growth unrivalled anywhere else. The Crypto Valley Conference provides a small window into this world.

By bringing together all relevant ingredients (researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and startups) for successful innovation at the Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology, a unique basis is established for networking and exchange of knowledge.

Don’t miss out on this unique event and opportunity!













John Doe

Blockchain Expert



John Doe

Blockchain Expert



Swiss Government

Johann Schneider-Ammann

Johann Schneider-Ammann

Swiss Federal Councillor

Dr. Matthias Michel

Dr. Matthias Michel

Head Departement of Economic Affairs Zug

Dolfi Müller

Dolfi Müller

City Mayor of Zug


John Doe

Blockchain Expert


John Doe

Blockchain Expert


John Doe

Blockchain Expert


John Doe

Blockchain Expert


John Doe

Blockchain Expert


John Doe

Blockchain Expert


John Doe

Blockchain Expert


John Doe

Blockchain Expert


John Doe

Blockchain Expert


John Doe

Blockchain Expert


John Doe

Blockchain Expert


John Doe

Blockchain Expert











9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Opening and Welcome


Oliver Bussmann

Panel Discussion 1: Blockchain & Legal

Speaker 1
Speaker 2
Speaker 3

Panel Discussion 2: Blockchain & FinTech

Speaker 4
Speaker 5
Speaker 6


Speaker 7
Speaker 8
Speaker 9


Company 1
Company 2
Company 3
Company 4
Company 5
Company 6
Company 7
Company 8
Company 9
Company 10


Company 1
Company 2
Company 3
11:00 PM - 12:00 PM
Academia Session 1


Publication 1
Publication 2


Publication 3
Publication 4
Publication 5


Publication 6
Publication 7
Publication 8


Publication 9
Publication 10
Publication 11


The Crypto Valley Conference provides a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase both their current work and their future plans before an audience of innovators, entrepreneurs and investors.

A select number of companies (Platinum & Gold sponsors) will have the opportunity to display their projects, meet prospects and engage with visitors in booths integrated into the Conference area.

Who's attending?

Top 10 Start Ups

What would Crypto Valley be without the energy and ideas of the startups that have settled here – and the ones who hope to come?

The Crypto Valley Conference agenda includes the final two pitching sessions for the 10 startups, which have managed to successfully pass the elimination round of the Blockchain Competition.

In the first round each startup will pitch live before the Competition’s jury after which they will be judged in a voting session that includes audience participation - entrepreneurs, professors and researchers from all around the world.

100k Prize Money

From the initial ten startups only three will be selected for the finales.

In the grand finale the top three startups will compete against each other, pitching live again before the audience and jury with the winner taking home prize money worth $100 000 (no strings attached)
and free office space for one year


The first Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology (CVCBT) 2018 aims to unite interested scholars as well as industrial members from all relevant disciplines who study and work in the space of blockchain technology. Suggested contribution topics include (but are not limited to) empirical and theoretical studies of:

Research Topics
Anonymity and privacy issues and measures to enhance them New applications using or built on top of blockchains
Atomic Swapping Big Data and blockchain technology
Cryptography, scripting/smart contract language etc. Case studies (e.g., of adoption, attacks, forks, etc.)
Consensus protocols for blockchains Cryptocurrency adoption and economic impacts
Decentralized Applications (Exchanges, Mining Pools, Trading Platforms) Economics and game theory of mining
Forensics and monitoring Formal Verification of Blockchain Protocols, Smart Contracts
Fraud detection and financial crime prevention Identity, Identification and trust in blockchain systems
Intermediates in different industries and their future Internet of things (IoT) and blockchain technology
Off-chain payment/state channels Peer-to-peer networks
Permissioned and permissionless blockchains Privacy and anonymity-enhancing technologies
Proof-of-work, -stake, -burn, and virtual mining Real-world measurements and metrics
Scalability and scalable services for blockchain systems Smart Contract Programming Languages and VM's
Transaction graph analysis Usability and user studies

Important Dates

Mark yourself the following deadlines:

Scientific Publications & Posters
Submission deadline for extended abstracts & full papers: 15.02.2018
Submission deadline for posters: 15.03.2018
Acceptance notification and registration: 1.04.2018
Early registration deadline: 20.04.2018
Paper revision deadline: 1.05.2018
Conference Dates
Program announced: 15.04.2018
Registration open for participants: 1.11.2017
Event: 20. - 22.06 2018

Submit Publications

Accepted papers will be published in the CVCBT-2018 Conference Proceedings and IEEE Xplore (pending approval).

Review Process
Format: IEEE Conference Proceedings Format Word Template / LaTex Template
Extended Abstracts 2 - 4 pages (IEEE 2-column format)
Full Paper 10 pages (IEEE 2-column format)
Disclaimer The authors’ names and affiliations, postal addresses, telephones, fax numbers and e-mail addresses must be omitted from the submitted manuscripts. Each manuscript must contain an abstract of about 150 words.
Submit Paper

General Chair

Prof. Dr. René Hüsler

Prof. Dr. R. Hüsler

Lucerne University of Applied
Sciences and Arts

General Co-Chairs

Oliver Bussmann

O. Bussmann

Bussmann Advisory

Sam Chadwick

S. Chadwick

Thomson Reuters

Søren Fog

S. Fog


Ralf Glabischnig

R. Glabischnig


Vasily Suvorov

V. Suvorov


Program Committee Chairs

Prof. Dr. Emin Gün Sirer

Prof. Dr. E. Gun Sirer

Cornell University

Dr. Arthur Gervais

Dr. A. Gervais

Imperial College London

Dr. Alexander Denzler

Dr. A. Denzler

Lucerne University of Applied
Sciences and Arts

Program Committee Members

Dr. Ittai Abraham

Dr. I. Abraham

VMware Research

Dr. Elli Androulaki

Dr. E. Androulaki

IBM Research

Prof. Dr. Rainer Böhme

Prof. Dr. R. Böhme

University of Innsbruck

Prof. Dr. Joseph Bonneau

Prof. Dr. J. Bonneau

University of Stanford

Prof. Dr. Jeremy Clark

Prof. Dr. J. Clark

Concordia University

Dr. Christian Decker

Dr. C. Decker


Prof. Dr. Bryan Alexander Ford

Prof. Dr. B. A. Ford


Prof. Dr. Juan Garay

Prof. Dr. J. Garay

Texas A&M University

Prof. Dr. Adrian Gheorghe

Prof. Dr. A. Gheorghe

Old Dominion University

Prof. Dr. Matthew D. Green

Prof. Dr. M D. Green

Johns Hopkins University

Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas

Prof. Dr. G. Grivas

Lucerne University of Applied
Sciences and Arts

Prof. Dr. Aniket Kate

Prof. Dr. A. Kate

Purdue University

Prof. Dr. Michael Kaufmann

Prof. Dr. M. Kaufmann

Lucerne University of Applied
Sciences and Arts

Aggelos Kiayias

Prof. Dr. A. Kiayias

University of Edinburgh

Prof. Dr. William Knottenbelt

Prof. Dr. W. Knottenbelt

Imperial College London

Prof. Dr. Sarah Meiklejohn

Prof. Dr. S. Meiklejohn

University College London

Prof. Dr. Andrew Miller

Prof. Dr. A. Miller

University of Illinois

Dr. Catherine Mulligan

Dr. C. Mulligan

Imperial College London

Dr. Sasa Radomirovic

Dr. S. Radomirovic

University of Dundee

Tim Ruffing

T. Ruffing

Saarland University

Yonatan Sompolinsky

Y. Sompolinsky

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Alessandro Sorniotti

Dr. A. Sorniotti

IBM Research

Prof. Dr. Roger Wattenhofer

Prof. Dr. R. Wattenhofer


Prof. Dr. Tim Weingärtner

Prof. Dr. T. Weingärtner

Lucerne University of Applied
Sciences and Arts

Other Chairs

Ian Simpson

I. Simpson

Media & Communication Chair

Reto Gadient

R. Gadient

Event Planing Chair

Pascal Lang

P. Lang

Finance/Registration Chair

Markus Fischer

M. Fischer

Sponsoring Chair

Technical Sponsors

Financial Sponsors

Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

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Theater Casino Zug

Artherstrasse 2-4, 6300 Zug, Switzerland


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